Erik Monson

My Bio


Erik Monson is a passionate musician, sportbike motorcycle racer, and business owner in recovery from Austin, Texas - the live musical capital of the world. Born in the late 80's, his main musical influences were inspired by the post-grunge / nu-metal boom of the late 90's / early 2000's. 


Beginning on the drums at age 10, he was quickly thrown into garage bands, back yard concerts, and heavy partying. The "rock and roll" lifestyle was just that for Erik, as he spent the next two decades playing with bands, partying, and getting into trouble. Life eventually spirialed too far out of control and everything was put on hold as Erik entered into his darkest times of drug addiction and chaos - including wrecking his motorcycle and breaking 13 bones including his neck, in which ended in being sent to a drug rehabilitation program inside a state penitentary. Upon his release and dedication to changing his life around and making something of himself Erik got back into music and began singing / songwriting on guitar which eventually lead to the formation of his solo project. He began to record drums, guitar, bass, keys, and vocals all performed, and produced by himself to capture the exact sound he has in his head(he will joke its also because of the drama and inconsistency of bandmates).