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My Bio

• Steve Tipton is a singer/songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist.

Growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC , drugs, alcohol, and crime and severe A. D. H . D. ,and learning disabilities, Steve’s problems started early. In his teens, his mother (also a musician) got him a guitar. That provided the escape he could not find in so called “partying”.
As he spent years in addiction isolation, his playing improved and he tried other instruments and singing. He tried playing in many bands but couldn’t get his songwriter itch scratched that way.!
As his addiction issues worsened, he became another statistic of the criminal justice system. In and out of jails and institutions for half his life, he perfected his songwriting while playing in the prison church band and starting a prison Rock band. Along with making music while incarcerated he started tending to his recovery by going to 12-step meetings. This was a process that Steve went through over years and years of going in and out of the system.
Upon his release, be relocated to Frederick Maryland where he began his new journey in 2019. This time he decided to try to do something with all the songs that he had written.he started discovering cell phone technology and several ways to make music on a cell phone. This was a learning curve for Steve because the only instrument that he has is a guitar. So,He experimented with several music making apps.
Steve also being a drummer keyboardist singer and overall instrumentalist, he discovered that he could play drums on the screen of his phone using his two hands and fingers. Also using a 12 tracking app he discovered that he could start layering tracks once he was able to record a drum beat with his fingers.
This gave Steve the ability to record music that sounds like an entire band but every instrument is played on the screen of his phone and recorded one track at a time starting with the drum track. Steve was very adamant not to use drum loops or pre-recorded sequences. In fact every song that he makes is all done by hand.
He tries to incorporate recovery and inspirational lyrics into his songs. But sometimes the pain and heartache of recovery and living a life of change isn't always inspirational happy and joyous sometimes it's got level and full of pain and the things that are needed to go through in order to make change. When you hear a song by Steve Tipton you get experience strength and Hope and you will also get the how of the program the honesty the open mindedness the willingness. With these we are well on our way…..