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Music has the ability to heal the soul and that's why we here at Clean Artist Records (C.A.R.) have worked tirelessly with musicians and activists around the country to help launch and promote a movement towards a sober life through music. Our mission is simple... build a record company that is more than just music, C.A.R. is a movement. Join in the fight against opioids now, see how you can help below!

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Clean Artist Records is promoting sober and drug free living though our music performed by sober and drug free artists signed by Clean Artist Records (CAR). Please join us and be a part of caring to help us make a change...


A portion of every ticket we sell for performances and a portion of every item we sell in our online store will go to two things:

1 - Education in our schools on alcohol and drug addiction

2 - Helping individuals with addiction issues work towards a sober life through funding of longterm rehabs and support groups.


DONATE NOW to help fund the promotion of Our Mission as well as aid in the fight against the opioids crisis we have found ourselves in as a society.

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