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Clean Artist Records was founded when David Stephen Duff met Steven Neil Kendall through fightopioids.us a website created by Kendall to have individuals sign up for a proposed class action suit against the opioid manufacturers and distributors. The two were both on a mission when they became friends and learned they had similar visions and instructions from God. 

Kendall’s mission was to fight the opioid crisis by helping as many people as he could to get off drugs and to seek help in rehabs. Duff’s mission as he understood it was to bring attention to this crisis through music. Yes, getting people talking about addiction out in the open. We hear more about alcohol and drug abuse in the entertainment industry because it is widely publicized and the media loves to crucify an entertainer that is having addiction problems. 

Kendall and Duff are both in recovery for life, as it is a lifetime commitment. They have made a commitment to God, their viewers, supporters, and fans. They will do everything in their power to promote sober drug free living through our music and our teaching on addiction. A portion of every ticket we sell for performances and a portion of every item we sell in our online store will go to two things, education in our schools on alcohol and drug addiction and to help people get into long term rehab that can’t afford it. 

Clean Artist Records is promoting sober and drug free living though our music performed by sober and drug free artists signed by Clean Artist Records (CAR). Please join us and be a part of caring to help us make a change. 



Clean Artist Records LLC (CAR)

Steven N. Kendall 
CEO & Managing Member 
Clean Artist Records LLC

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